Eat What You Like

The fastest way to unhealthy eating is depriving yourself. Depriving yourself completely of the things you really love and forcing yourself to eat things you don’t like for the sake of fitness isn’t super healthy and usually doesn’t last in the long run.

If you want to create healthy eating habits you need to find your balance. This balance varies from person to person.

For me it is easiest to cut myself off from sugar and junk food but set aside a meal every few days that is a ‘cheat’ meal. This meal means I eat whatever I want without feeling guilty, I do have to make sure to not go overboard.

Some people it works if they allow themselves one or two small treats every day to curb the cravings. 

Everyone’s minds work differently, so try different things. Don’t beat yourself up if one idea doesn’t work, just try a new one the next day. 

Remember though, it isn’t always going to be easy and no plan is fool proof. Starting something new will take will power and hard work. Do not give up on yourself, progress takes time. 

Also, eat healthy food you like! I can’t stress this enough. It is imperative you find the healthy meals and snacks you enjoy and keep them on hand. This will be a huge help when hunger strikes. 

Keep it up! You’ll get there. 






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