Eat What You Like

The fastest way to unhealthy eating is depriving yourself. Depriving yourself completely of the things you really love and forcing yourself to eat things you don’t like for the sake of fitness isn’t super healthy and usually doesn’t last in the long run.

If you want to create healthy eating habits you need to find your balance. This balance varies from person to person.

For me it is easiest to cut myself off from sugar and junk food but set aside a meal every few days that is a ‘cheat’ meal. This meal means I eat whatever I want without feeling guilty, I do have to make sure to not go overboard.

Some people it works if they allow themselves one or two small treats every day to curb the cravings. 

Everyone’s minds work differently, so try different things. Don’t beat yourself up if one idea doesn’t work, just try a new one the next day. 

Remember though, it isn’t always going to be easy and no plan is fool proof. Starting something new will take will power and hard work. Do not give up on yourself, progress takes time. 

Also, eat healthy food you like! I can’t stress this enough. It is imperative you find the healthy meals and snacks you enjoy and keep them on hand. This will be a huge help when hunger strikes. 

Keep it up! You’ll get there. 






Do What You Love

Exercise habits aren’t going to last long if you hate what you’re doing.

You need to find something you love to do, something that you get excited about getting out and doing. The most important thing is that you are being active.

Hitting the gym or going on long runs are not the only ways to get fit. There are so many different options, and you don’t have to stick to just one, you can switch it up as much as you like. (It is actually important to switch it up, to cross train)

Here’s a list of some ideas:

  • Biking- Either on a stationary bike in a gym or out in the great outdoors on whatever kind of bike you can afford.
  • Swimming- All you need is a swimsuit, I’d also recommend a swim cap and googles, and access to either a pool or lake.
  • Sports- Anything from tennis to soccer to basketball to volleyball to ping pong to frisbee grab some friends and just start moving.
  • Hiking/ walking- Go explore!
  • Rock climbing- Going to climbing gyms and/or buying climbing equipment can be a bit spendy but this is definitely a very fun way to be active.
  • Roller blading/roller skating/ice skating- All these require are a pair or skates and either an ice rink or trails.
  • Hula hoop/Jump rope- Bringing back childhood memories and getting fit at the same time!
  • Gym classes- Most gyms offer a wide variety of classes (yoga, zumba, HIIT, abs, etc.) these are a great way to meet new people, push yourself and learn proper technique.
  • Running- Just give it a try, the runners high is real! (Make sure you have the right type of shoes for you.)
  •  Weightlifting- A great way to workout and be able to see progress.

In college finding the time to workout can be a real challenge, but if you find something that you love to do it will be easier to set aside that time.

Go out and try new things!

(Picture is of my friend, Paige, and I after we ran our half marathon.)


Love Yourself

“For no man ever yet hated his own flesh; but nourisheth and cherisheth it, even as the Lord the church.”- Ephesians 5:29

Keep in mind what your reasons are when setting any fitness goals. The best thing is to live healthier because you love and care about yourself, and more specifically your body.

Your body is a gift from God. He created you with a divine potential.

It’s not necessary to be crazy in shape or have a one hundred percent clean diet but we need to take care of ourselves.

Being in shape or healthy for anyone else is not going to be a good motivator for all times. Trying to do things to impress others is not a solid reason. Your desire to be a better you needs to come from the knowledge that you are unique with  divine mission.

Being healthy gives us so many more opportunities and abilities to serve others. When we are fit and able we can go out to help people.

The Word of Wisdom also tells us to eat well and be healthy so we can work hard and serve the Lord.

We need to take care of ourselves for ourselves and for the Heavenly Father that gave us our bodies.

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No Easy Way

Work, school, socialize, sleep, eat, repeat. Life is crazy, why add watching what you eat and squeezing in that work out? Well let me tell you.

Exercise does take some time out of an already hectic day but ultimately it improves all the other parts of your day. It boosts your mood, energy and overall confidence. Workouts also greatly lower your risk for diseases and heart conditions.

Eating healthy has many of the same benefits as exercise but is even more important, food is the fuel for your body.

What gives me any right to tell you what to do? An injured, exhausted college student with no apparent big achievements and not enough hours in the day to do the bare necessities. I like to say I have gotten pretty good at learning how to find balance in my life, and a big part of that is my healthy lifestyle.

Disclaimer: I’m not perfect. I don’t exercise 6 days a week every week. I don’t always eat perfect, in fact I just stopped by the local burger place with my roommate for some ice cream. I definitely do not get enough sleep at night. The last thing I want to do is be a hypocrite but I want to share my tips and information I find to help others be healthier.

I have been a pretty consistent exerciser since around eighth grade, I love almost everything active. I’ve played soccer, tennis, ran cross country, track and field, completed triathlons, a half marathon and, my personal favorite, a century ride. (100 miles road cycling) Not to mention I am always up for trying new things.

Currently I am working on my healthy eating side because I really don’t like cooking and have a major sweet tooth. I will write a post about my tips for this in a later post but I am excited to find and try new recipes for this blog!

I am really looking forward to writing this blog, I know it will not only hold me accountable to be healthier plus it will make me a better writer.

Until next time,